Finding a name of a business is a capital step in the creation process. It needs time and reflexion as this is a major criteria of success. A business name represents your brand; it has to be commercial, catchy and clearly recognisable by clients.

In the photographic field, independant photographers very often go for their own name as their business name. I have chosen not to capitalise on my own name (although it is also clearly stated in my business logo), as I hope my business can survive without me and as I think a good name can be far more powerful than someone’s name.

To choose a name, I was helped by my wife and my family-in-law. My philosphy and approach of photography lies on  creativity and originality; thus, I had a phrase in mind : “look out of the box”. In French and in English, there is an expression to describe the image capture : “c’est dans la boite” or “it’s in the box”. In the being already licenced, I added the term “Pixel” in order to emphasise the (digital) photographic action of capturing an image. The name of my business was created : Pixel in the box !

I had then to create a logo. My branding and image have to display the values I believe in: high quality, originality, client oriented. To convey such values, the logo has to be classy but catchy, on a black or white background and shiny, with exhuberant handwriting; in one word, out of the box !

This article provides interesting insights about naming and branding for a business.