Here it is ! This is the official launch of Pixel in the box Internet site :

Please come and visit it, there are several galleries and slideshows to see, and a lot of images and other products with my images to buy or download !

I have chosen to use Photoshelter to build up this site for several reasons. First of all it is excellent for its search engine optimization i.e. I hope to be “visible” on Google in a short period of time. This is the most important point for me as my Internet site is my “shop”. Second Photoshelter is great at promoting images for stock photography, at selling prints and other products, at creating special client’s area. Finally it has nice templates, disclosing very good slideshows, it is very well integrated with Facebook, Twitter and co, and images and slideshows are disclosed very quick on-screen so that the visitors are not waiting long to see them. Those are the main reasons why I decided to go for Photoshelter, despite the higher price compared to its competitors. I will review the benefits of it in 1 year or so, thanks to Google analytics which enables me to deeply analyse the traffic on my site.

So that’s it. Now I’m reachable on … Hope to see you there soon !