Hi all, today is our last day in Europe before starting our adventure and new life in Mauritius ! Although it will be a long day to fix all pieces of luggage in the current heat (35°C in shadow), we are all very excited by this trip.

All administrative stuffs are now fixed, we sold our cars, we gave back our flat keys, we got de-registered from everything in Luxembourg, our container left for Mauritius … we are ready and relieved to start our new life. Kids are waiting to start school in Mauritius and go to the beach everyday ! Diane is waiting to start her new career as HR manager in a consultancy company. And I am waiting to start my photographic activities, meeting new couples from everywhere in the world … Yes, we are waiting for this, we want this, and this will come true in a couple of days ! 😉

Next time I’ll be writing here, it will be from Mauritius. So, see you all there, and thanks for all your best wishes !