As announced in the previous post, I am now writing from Mauritius where we are settled down. We had a long but good trip and we are now getting used to the Mauritian life. Winter is here, with some fresh wind which is very good to us after the European heat; temperatures though are very comfortable with around 25°C. We went to the sea once with the kids, they had a lot of fun and really enjoyed the experience to the point they didn’t want to go out from the sea ! 😉

My new photographer life has started today with a first quotation to propose for a 3-day tamoul-catholic wedding. With all the already signed up and the pending contracts I have until the end of the year, I am very confident that Pixel in the Box will be successful. Thanks again for the trust and faith you put in me !

Since our arrival, I had no opportunity to bring my camera and shoot some images of Mauritius. Thus, let me share some old ones with you, to give you some hint of the Mauritian touch. Cheers all.