Yesterday I had my first contract as photographer settled down in Mauritius : Sandra & Dieter honeymoon. They are a lovely couple, coming from Austria, where they got married a week ago. Sandra is a teacher in science topics and Dieter is a dental technician.

When they first contacted me, they told me they want images of quality and of great originality. I proposed them my idea of traveling across Mauritius to shoot images of the various landscapes of the island. Too often is Mauritius sold as a “beach” island, while actually its inland is also wonderful, with lakes, primary forest, Britannia-like cliffs and lighthouses, falls, mountains, colonial houses, multi-cultural … Mauritius is very diverse and is the perfect place to move around to take amazing out-of-the-box images.

So we did it … I took my very recently-acquired car and drove them to Port-Louis colorful streets and bazar, to Albion lighthouse, which we climbed to the top, to Eureka colonial house, to a mountain road with sugar-canne and pineapple fields, to Mont Choisy white-sand and dreamy beach, and back to their hotel. The trip was fabulous and very exciting; we all had a great day, despite the tiredness (it is tiring to be my model 😉 ). The result is amazing: I have more than 200 beautiful images of which I have to pick up 50 … tough task !

Here are some images we took during that day. Enjoy !

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