Last week-end I had the opportunity to be a guest of an indian wedding in Mauritius. The bride and groom both are new colleagues of my wife and we were very pleased to be invited to their wedding.

An indian wedding takes place over 3 days: on Saturday it’s the reception of all guests (families, friends, neighborhoods … all in all hundreds of people) at their respective places – at the bride’s family home, and at the groom’s family home. Bride and groom don’t meet at all during that day. On Sunday it’s the religious ceremony, normally only with families. On Monday it’s the party with families and friends from both side all together.

We were invited to the first reception on Saturday. It’s a time when all guests meet and congratulate the couple and their family at their respective places. The principle is to have some words with the bride (please never touch her !), her father and mother, and then to have a quick dinner – delicious “ti purri” served on a banana leave. As there are hundreds of people waiting, you only have a short time to eat and then leave your seat to other guests ! We were warmly received and the “ti purris” were amazingly good. After this, we left for the groom’s place located in the south of the island where we did the same … and had some dance too 😉 It was great fun, and the kids were impressed by all the lights and colors everywhere.

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