A few weeks ago, I intended to get my business cards printed out, when I realized that my logo was too classical and lacked a bit of colors. It was also too long without any graphic item to symbolize Pixel in the Box name. I then asked my brother-in-law Bernard to design something for me (he is a graphic designer and has his own company, ACE).

My request was simple – I wanted to keep the name Pixel in the Box, to keep the font as much as possible, and to add a graphical item to it, either before, after or in the background, so that when someone looks at this graphical item, he can say: “Ho sure, that’s Pixel in the Box logo !”

The graphic elements to use were not numerous … some pixels, or a box. I also always had in mind a flower, to symbolize the beauty and happiness of portrait photography. Bernard did a great job, using one of my frangipani image, pixelizing it in a very graphical way, so that it’s perfectly integrated to my previous logo. I can now only use this part as visual identity for Pixel in the Box !

Here are my new logos, on black or white backgrounds: