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Since early January, Mauritius weather has become pretty humid and we had some really heavy rains. Obviously, the nature surrounding us has changed a lot too. Port-Louis is surrounded with mountains (Le Pouce, Montagne des Signaux …) and in almost all streets one can admire nice views of those mountains. While during most time of the year the mountains are dry and “burned” by the sun (with lots of fire due to the heat), they became green a few weeks ago – I would even say “flashy” green. The views from Port-Louis are now completely different. Have a look at those images:

The rest of the year, it looks more like this … :

Here are some images of Port-Louis taken very recently:

In the past months, I have taken images of couples getting married in Mauritius, who already have kids. Although kids photography is quite difficult to handle (kids don’t pose, they are quickly tired, they focus can extremely quickly change ..), it also provides a lot of joy, energy, smiles, emotions … and surprises. Therefore, I really like when there are some kids at the weddings I am taking pictures of, as I can collect really great and powerful images. Here are some examples of images taken during recent weddings in Mauritius (19 images).

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Durant ces derniers mois, j’ai pris des photos de plusieurs couples se mariant à l’Ile Maurice et ayant déjà un ou plusieurs enfants. Bien que la photographie d’enfants soit difficile à appréhender et demande beaucoup de patience au photographe (les enfants ne posent pas, ils sont vite fatigués, leur centre d’intérêt change extrêmement rapidement …), elle procure également énormément de joie, d’énergie, de sourires, d’émotions … et de surprises. Les images qui en résultent sont souvent très belles et très fortes, et c’est pourquoi j’apprécie la présence d’enfants aux mariages que je photographie. Voici quelques exemples d’images prises lors de mariages récents à l’Ile Maurice (19 images).

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Venant de La Réunion voisine avec leurs deux garçons, Géraldine et Yannis ont souhaité renouveler leurs voeux de mariage à l’Ile Maurice. La cérémonie a eu lieu au Preskil Beach Hotel, et s’est déroulée comme un véritable mariage civil. L’émotion était très présente et palpable, et leur bonheur rayonnant. Voici quelques images de ce bonheur partagé :

Sabrina & André got married last year in December at Sofitel Imperial. They are coming from Hamburg in Germany and it was a pleasure for me to be their photographer for their wedding. It was also great to hear some German and to see that Sofitel has a German wedding planner. The wedding setting was located very close to the beach and looked very nice. Before the dinner on the beach, Sabrina and André lit some heart-shaped lanterns and let them fly to the sky … it was a very romantic moment.

All ingredients were there to make this day a success – very friendly couple, nice weather, beautiful hotel … The mood was very joyful, this can be felt in the following images:

Back in early January, I had the pleasure to meet and take pictures of Lydia & David wedding at Heritage Le Telfair Hotel. Lydia & David are both managing a HR recruitment business in Paris – they were really surprised by my career path and asked a lot of questions, as competent recruiters do 🙂 Although the weather was kind of stormy on that day, we only had some rain during the ceremony, which happened to take place in their hotel room. The rest of the day went funny and smoothly, and we took some really nice images together, as follows:

Here is an article about the coming cyclone, Biginza. It will bring rain in such quantity that all the Mauritian water reserves should pick up … the recent draught might only become a bad memory.

On the other hand, pouring rain like today has sad consequences for some of my clients. I will have to cancel today photo-shoot across Mauritius, without being sure that we will be able to postpone it (rain is forecast over the whole next week!). Anyway, those are elements that we cannot control, and this one is a really good news for all Mauritians.

Stéphanie et Franck connaissent bien l’Ile Maurice, tous deux étant gérants d’agences de voyage en France et vendant de beaux séjours à l’Ile Maurice. Aussi, ils ont décidé d’organiser eux-même leur mariage, en cherchant pour leurs familles et invités, un endroit insolite, qui ressemble plus à l’Ile Maurice de l’intérieur. Ils ont trouvé leur bonheur à la Maison de l’Etoile, “petite” dépendance coloniale de la Maison Euréka, musée colonial très réputé.

La journée avait commencé à l’hôtel Trou aux Biches pour les photos des préparatifs et quelques images sur la plage. Le temps était assez couvert, mais on s’en est bien sorti et les images sont très belles. La cérémonie s’est déroulée à la Maison de l’Etoile, sous la varangue, avec un beau décor floral et beaucoup d’émotions de par la présence de nombreux amis et membres de leurs familles. Ce mariage “colonial” fut une franche réussite, dans une ambiance très festive et chaleureuse. En voici quelques images:

Dear all,

for the new year of the Rabbit, Pixel in the Box wish you a very happy, healthy and wealthy Chinese New Year !

Last week I had a corporate portrait session for an offshore company in Mauritius. Intercontinental Trust (ITL) is one of leader in the offshore financial services industry in Mauritius. It’s head office is based in Cybercity in the center of the island.

My mission was to portrait all 6 directors of the company and to capture some images about the staff, relating to the topic “how is it to work at ITL ?”. Here are some of the first images I have edited.


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