It’s been quite a long time since I have posted some wedding images here – not that I didn’t take any wedding images, on the contrary ! 😉

To catch up a bit I am posting some images at an unusual time – between 2 shooting sessions. Katrin & Manuel got married last Thursday and today we will have a photo session in different places of Mauritius (mainly the South as they are based at Le Morne). Thus I’ll post, in a part 2, some more images of them after today’s experience.

Katrin & Manuel come from Germany and got married at the Dinarobin, Le Morne. Their parents from both sides were there to witness and support their love, with a lot of emotions. It was fun for me as I had to talk to them in German, which I haven’t done for a long time (my German is now quite rusted, but we managed to understand altogether well :)). The weather was nice, although some heavy clouds brought a bit of rain and virtually “killed” the nice light of golden hour (the hour just before sunset). Hopefully we will have a nice sunset today … 😛

So, here is the first batch of images of Katrin & Manuel wedding day: