Today, 23 September 2011, is the official launch of, the brand new website of Winner’s supermarkets.

Just to remind you, Winner’s is the proximity supermarket leader in Mauritius, and the favorite supermarket chain of Mauritians. A few weeks ago, I have worked for Winner’s on a few projects, among which was the launching of their website, a key success factor in their communication strategy. I have already posted a note with some sample images here on my blog some time ago, but today, I am very proud to be part of this website, which I find very beautiful, well built and very practical.

The first portrait of the month:

But the key feature of this website certainly is the complete 360° virtual tour of a Winner’s supermarket. When I met Mr. Venpin, General Manager of Winner’s, back in June, I proposed him this product which is not well developed in Mauritius and which is very rare for a supermarket (even worldwide). He was immediately enthusiastic about this idea as this is, I believe, a great interactive tool for a website. Moreover, the product I proposed him is interesting as the viewer can visit several rooms or places from a unique screen thanks to links in the virtual tour itself. For the Winner’s virtual tour, you can switch from the main entrance, to the fresh fruits and vegetables corner, to the butcher stand, to the bakery (a view from the private inside of Winner’s) and then to the drinks alley for instance … all that with just a click from one tour to another.

I am quite proud of the final result, which, I am sure, will help Winner’s in their communication strategy and visibility on the Internet.

Very soon I will make an announcement for the launching of my 360° virtual tour product. If you have an hotel, bungalows, a flat to sell, a supermarket or a shop, if you are an interior designer, an architect, or work for a real estate agency … this type of virtual tour is a great opportunity for you to make visitors discover your property, your product, your services. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂