Dear readers,

as some of you may know by now, I didn’t win the Fashion Photography Contest but I got an “honorable mention” which allows me to develop a last theme. But first, before going further, I would like to congratulate the winner, a young and talented Mauritian photographer, Max Anish Gowriah. You can find some of his awesome work here.

As I just wrote above, I am entitled to develop a last fashion theme, with fashion designers creating outfits for me. I will need to meet them this week with my ideas … My issue is that I have lots of ideas that I’d like to realize, some of them being even just at the stage of dream 😉 Thus, I have gathered 3 themes that I could shoot for this final and I would require your help by the form of a poll – if you could just let me know which theme you would like me to shoot. Many thanks in advance for your participation !