Hi guys,

sorry I’ve been quite long to come back here and write something new. It is just that I ad (and still having) the most incredibly busy period since I have started my new life as professional photographer !

As from now, it seems that it will only calm down from mid-October, but for the moment, I have shootings (weddings, portraits, corporate, fashion …) almost every 2 days, which is a bit of a crazy rhythm, knowing the amount of work to edit and post-process all the images afterwards … I will need weeks of editing to catch this up !




Anyway, for the moment, I would like to share a couple behind-the-scene videos made by my friend Irwin Nursoo (irwinnursoo@gmail.com) during recent fashion shoots. With this, you’ll be able to feel the hectic atmosphere of a real fashion shoot, where dozens of people are around the models and photographer.

I’ll come back soon with more images and photographic tips 🙂

Have a good day !