Hi there,

it’s been nearly 1 year since I have posted my last article here. During that period, lots of things happened in my life: I shot many weddings and commercials, I was the official photographer for a Mauritian movie (to be released later in 2014), I took my first holidays in 4 years, my friend Thomas and I launched a foundation called “Fondation Marengo” which aims at preserving the Mauritian heritage, and I started to write 2 books about Mauritius (to be released in 2015 and 2016).

With everything going at a fast pace, new projects, ideas and opportunities flowing in without pause, it has been a quite tough period for me, always being busy and overbooked. In the end, it’s the whole creative process which is suffering – creativity needs time, I need time to be creative, and I’m happy I have decided to take the necessary time to write my books. Photography is a singular art, where creativity meets commercial pressure at every steps, where digital technology means instantaneity, where speed prevails over quality. I feel it’s time for me to be back to basic, to photographic roots, to feel closer to my subjects, to take time to admire and appreciate the present moment – in other words, CARPE DIEM !, and this will be my tribute to an actor I liked very much, Robin Williams.

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