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Hi guys, it’s been again a long time since I have blogged my latest post here. ¬†A combination of work, important projects and family life (3 kids now, and 2 of them at home for 2 months during holidays in July/August) made me virtually unavailable for anything else. I already can’t wait for our first holidays in more than 3 years, by the end of this year, back to Europe !

Anyway, during that time, I have done many different things, and among them, I have upgraded my lighting equipment with an amazing item: the Icelight. When I first heard about the Icelight early 2012, it was through my friend Jerry Ghionis when he was still testing it. Jerry is recognized as one of the best wedding photographers in the world, and he had the brilliant idea to design a continuous lighting that is really transportable and delivers a great light quality. I won’t describe the product here, there are lots of resources on that on the net – – but I simply would like to stress out that this product is amazing *.

So I have ordered 2 Icelights a couple of weeks ago and I got them last Saturday (17 Aug 13). They are not really cheap (US$500 each) but it costs less than a good speed light and for a far better quality of light. It’s as Jerry says: “it’s like carrying window light everywhere you go”. The product is manufactured by Wescott, a famous lighting equipment company, and is of great quality. The box itself looks like the one of an Apple product, and really you feel quality, reliability, solidness when you have the Icelight in hand. Everything looks perfect, and it is, but of course, there are a few cons: like the battery for instance, which lasts only 1 hour at full power (that being said, it’s quite rare that you need full power all the time, and between 2 shots, you can just switch it off …), or the maximum power, which doesn’t enable you to use it in bright outdoor conditions (the Icelight is clearly designed for indoor, studio or night shoots).

As every photographer, I am photo equipment geek … and as soon as I receive a new piece of equipment, I want to test and try it. In less than a week, I have already shot 2 photo sessions with my Icelights: one for a wedding and one that I have offered to a couple who wanted to do something very special (recreate the Wong Kar Wai movie “In the mood for love” mood and atmosphere in the streets of Port-Louis, Mauritius. Here are then some images taken during those 2 photo sessions … and really looking forward to the next sessions with them !

1. “In the mood for love” theme images:

DSC_4900w signedr DSC_4909w signedr DSC_4972w signedr DSC_4996w signedr DSC_5019w signedr DSC_5042w signedr DSC_5054w signedr DSC_5071w signedr DSC_5086w signedr DSC_5141w signedr DSC_5165w signedr DSC_5169w signedr DSC_5183w signedr DSC_5187w signedr

2. Images of Meelin and Oliver wedding – first time I ever used the Icelights:

DSC_4077w signedr DSC_4088w signedr DSC_4095w signedr DSC_4101w signedr DSC_4272w signedr DSC_4464w signedr

3. The Icelight with its box:


* Note: I am not a distributor or reseller of this product in Mauritius or anywhere in the world – Jerry, if you read this, maybe we could do business together here ūüėČ lol. I am not earning any commissions or royalties by writing this blog post. I am just writing it because I love the product and I think it deserves to be better known.

Until recently, I always believed there are 2 types of lighting school – natural light and flash photography. Being a natural light photographer, I had in my mind that natural light was the best quality one and that a photographer using it well was someone able to adapt himself to any kind of situations (and I still think this is true ūüėČ ). Also in my mind, the role of flash was more to light a dark scenery or fill-in the shadows – this is obviously the main basic role of a strobe (flash). Finally, using flash had some major drawbacks for me: first strobes flatten perspective hone on-camera; second, when off-camera, it requires to move a lot of equipment (a tripod stand, an umbrella or a soft-box …) and this is really not convenient during a wedding and without assistant.

So, with those negatives mindsets against flash, I have launched my studio activities in Mauritius last year … and from then, I have rediscovered the power of flash, the one I learned some years ago during my photography degree in Paris and the one I used on assignments with professional photographers in Europe and in Asia. However, this really was about using big huge studio flashes, either in a studio or outside, and this required a lot of equipment and assistants (I have very recently assisted a Belgian photographer for a Paris Match reportage in Mauritius, using those big huge studio flashes outdoor – you can have a look here). Here comes a technique that is now, I guess, quite well known by professional photographers – it is called “strobist“. This term of strobist was named by David Hobby (and it’s copyrighted), who is one of the 3 masters of flash photography with Joe McNally and Zack Arias. Just have a look at their work and you’ll understand the power of small flash (strobe) photography ! Very briefly, the technique consists of having your flash off-camera i.e. from a different angle than the one of your lens. You can use 1, 2, 3, 10 different flashes to compose the light of your image – this gives you incredible creative possibilities and precise master of your light. Also, used with effective light modifiers (umbrella, soft-box, grid, diffuser, beauty-dish, snoot …), small strobes can achieve great results !

Knowing that you can get amazing results with just a few pieces of equipment, made me rethink the way I was shooting my outdoor wedding portraits. I used to use natural light and reflectors, which is still the way I operate 80% of the time, because it’s very practical in the fast-paced environment of a wedding. But now I also use my mobile lighting equipment to get images I was previously not able to shoot AND to precisely craft and master light to get stunning images with a lot of character (light creating soft or contrasted shadows). My equipment is pretty basic – 3 Nikon sb800 (I might buy a couple of sb910 soon), some stands, umbrellas, soft-box, color gels, reflectors, diffusion panels and radio triggers. I had this equipment for quite a long time, and I used it indoor (for corporate portraits for instance) – but I was reluctant to use it outdoor, because of the wind. So here comes the small detail that makes the whole difference: some weighting bags, given by my friend Michel Gronemberger, professional photographer in Belgium. With them filled with sand or rocks, my stands with umbrellas won’t fall down, even with some wind.

OK, enough said about my ways to flash photography ! Let’s have now some examples of a wedding I shot last week, without assistant – the wedding of Tara and Stephan in Tamarin. What I did was really simple, and the results were great. I simply thought of 2 lighting set-ups, one on the beach, on in the gardens – except those 2 settings, the whole wedding reportage was shot as usual, with natural light.

The first lighting set-up on the beach could not have been simpler than that – a one light set-up, with 1 Nikon sb800 triggered in a shoot-through umbrella, camera left, iTTL mode, +1EV compensation. The idea was to shoot the couple with the sea and the nice sunset behind them. At that time, the sun was hidden by some beautiful clouds and a few rays of sun light was coming out of them. The ambient light was very soft, but the background was pretty clear (explaining the +1EV compensation to the iTTL mode) – this bright background was also used as rim light i.e. the back light that defines your subject outlines. When you are taking pictures with flash, it’s better to go on your camera manual mode – first, you need to take an ambient light image to check which amount of ambient light you need in your final image; then you check the amount of flash light you need to light your subject; finally, you check the balance between ambient and flash light, in terms of amount of light, quality of light (the position of your flash towards your subject) and colors of light. Here’s the result:

Without any strobe, reflector … and measuring light for the whole frame, you get this type of result (which I love as much as the previous one ūüôā ):


The second lighting set-up I used for this wedding was later in the dark. I heard from the owner of the bungalow where the couple was staying that April is the only month in the year when you can have the full moon rising right over Black River, a beautiful river running just down the bungalow’s garden. On that specific day, it was full moon, the sky was cloudless and the moon’s reflection on the river was sensational. Very close to the river was a small pirogue, under a nice tree, both lit by a warm yellow directional spot. The whole difficulty here was to get enough ambient light while it was very dark. After my first test shot for ambient light, I was at ISO 3,200, f/2.8 and 1/20th. If those set-ups are tough for move blur of the background, there’s no risk of getting a blurry couple in my image as the flash will fix them in this very dark environment. Anyway, I had to hold my breath to get some sharpness in my background … The lighting set-up was composed of 2 Nikon sb800, the spot on the boat and tree, and the full moon. 1 sb800 was on-camera and was used as fill-in and commander for the second flash – it was in Manual mode at 1/32 power. The second sb800 was camera left, with shoot-through umbrella, iTTL mode and -1EV compensation (to compensate from the very dark environment). Here’s the result in those 2 different images (both with similar lighting set-up):

And seated on the boat:

Thanks for reading, guys ūüôā Have a good week !

A few weeks ago I spent a wonderful time with Lucilla & Chung for their wedding. Lucilla is Mauritian while Chung comes from Hong Kong, and they both live in the UK. The day was beautiful and we took pictures at Cap Malheureux (couple portraits), Sugar Beach (family images and tea ceremony) and Domaine Ana (ceremony and reception).

Here are a few images among the thousand I took during the day ūüėČ :

It’s been quite a long time since I have posted some wedding images here – not that I didn’t take any wedding images, on the contrary ! ūüėČ

To catch up a bit I am posting some images at an unusual time – between 2 shooting sessions. Katrin & Manuel got married last Thursday and today we will have a photo session in different places of Mauritius (mainly the South as they are based at Le Morne). Thus I’ll post, in a part 2, some more images of them after today’s experience.

Katrin & Manuel come from Germany and got married at the Dinarobin, Le Morne. Their parents from both sides were there to witness and support their love, with a lot of emotions. It was fun for me as I had to talk to them in German, which I haven’t done for a long time (my German is now quite rusted, but we managed to understand altogether well :)). The weather was nice, although some heavy clouds brought a bit of rain and virtually “killed” the nice light of golden hour (the hour just before sunset). Hopefully we will have a nice sunset today … ūüėõ

So, here is the first batch of images of Katrin & Manuel wedding day:

“Mr Benjamin …, r√©sident au Paradis, voulez-vous prendre Mlle Val√©rie … pour √©pouse ?” C’est ainsi que Val√©rie et Benjamin se sont mari√©s √† l’Ile Maurice, au Paradis – comprenez, √† l’H√ītel Le Paradis, pr√®s du Morne. En ce jour du 11 mars, les nuages et les averses orageuses √©taient tr√®s pr√©sents … et le soleil ne semblait pas vouloir montrer le bout de son nez. Puis, pendant la c√©r√©monie, le ciel s’est d√©couvert, et avec lui le soleil est revenu, rendant √† la mer son bleu lagon si caract√©ristique. Juste apr√®s la c√©r√©monie, nous f√ģmes une ballade en bateau tr√®s romantique, √† la fin de laquelle nous appr√ģmes la nouvelle du tsunami au Japon (voir plus bas). Le ciel √©tait magnifique en cette fin de journ√©e, et le soleil, tamis√© par un l√©ger voile nuageux, nous offrit une lumi√®re superbe jusqu’√† son coucher. Val√©rie et Benjamin ont eu une belle journ√©e et un beau mariage. Voici quelques images de leur bonheur et de leur amour:


Alors que nous √©tions sur le bateau et voulions accoster, des employ√©s de l’h√ītel s’affairaient √† enlever les planches du pont et nous demandaient d’accoster directement sur la plage. Ils nous dirent qu’il y avait une alerte au tsunami √† l’Ile Maurice. Nous f√ģmes imm√©diatement le rapprochement avec le tremblement de terre au japon plus t√īt dans la journ√©e. Cette alerte fut lev√©e quelques heures plus tard … mais je n’ai pas pu m’emp√™cher de prendre ce ciel en photo, en pensant √† tout le peuple japonais et √† tous mes amis qui vivent au Japon. A vous tous, je vous envoie mes pens√©es et mes pri√®res.

While we were on the boat with the just-married-couple and as we wanted to land, some people of the hotel were preparing the shore for a tsunami warning – we had then to land directly on the beach. We immediately made the link with earthquake in Japan that happened a few hours before and we were quite scared. The warning was withdrawn a few hours later in Mauritius … but I couldn’t help to take an image of the sky, thinking and praying for the people of Japan and all my friends living there. To all of you, I send you my prayers.

Martina & Tamy se sont dits “oui” la semaine derni√®re, apr√®s un petit voyage en bateau de leur h√ītel vers une plage de la pointe d’Esny, pr√®s de Blue Bay. Dans leur p√©riple mauricien, ils ont emmen√© leur petite fille, un petit joyaux qui r√©pond au doux nom de Lilou. Comme t√©moins de leur union √©taient pr√©sents 2 amis rencontr√©s quelques jours plus t√īt sur une plage de l’Ile Maurice – c’est que notre couple est extr√™mement sympathique et ouvert ! Tout le monde les connaissait √† l’h√ītel.

Voici quelques images de leur mariage, qui s’est pass√© sous un temps presque temp√©tueux (nous avons √©viter la pluie et l’orage de justesse), et une image de moi en plein “travail”, qu’ils m’ont tr√®s amicalement fait parvenir:

Et voici la petite photo de moi sur la bateau qui nous m√®ne √† la Pointe d’Esny – c’est dur le travail, hein ?? ūüėČ


Au Preskil Beach Hotel, √† Mahebourg, Katty et Christophe se sont dit “oui” en pr√©sence de leurs familles et amis – une vingtaine de personnes. En arrivant √† l’h√ītel et en m’enqu√©rant √† propos du mariage, je me suis aper√ßu que tout le monde √† l’h√ītel connaissait ce groupe d’amis et ces deux familles ! En effet, apr√®s les avoir c√ītoy√© quelques temps, ils sont tous vraiment sympathiques et bons vivants … et leur mariage fut une franche r√©ussite !

Katty et Christophe ont 3 beaux enfants et vivent ensemble depuis plusieurs ann√©es. Pourtant, la c√©r√©monie √©tait extr√™mement √©mouvante et pas une personne n’y a pas √©t√© de sa petite larme ūüėČ Voici quelques images de cette belle journ√©e:

Anna and Aleks come from Germany and got married at the brand new Trou aux Biches Hotel late November. It was a great pleasure and honor to be their photographer for this special event. Anna & Aleks are a lovely couple and we spent a really great time together during the photo session. Here are some images of their big day:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Amandine et S√©bastien se sont mari√©s √† la Villa Beau Manguier, une belle villa priv√©e dans le nord de l’Ile Maurice, au d√©but du mois de novembre. Contact√© en derni√®re minute, j’ai √©t√© tr√®s honor√© d’√™tre leur photographe en cette belle occasion. Amandine et S√©bastien avaient leurs parents respectifs avec eux et l’ambiance de la journ√©e √©tait tr√®s chaleureuse. Voici quelques images de leur union …

Last Friday I had the pleasure to take images of L & F wedding at Beau Rivage Hotel in the Eastern coast of Mauritius. L & F had planned to have the ceremony done on the beach, but due to strong wind and dark clouds, the hotel finally decided to do it in the gazebo. A few minutes the start of the ceremony, the sun went out and we finally had a superb afternoon ! That’s the pros and cons of getting married in the Eastern coast in “winter” – there is a lot of wind, clouds and rains are often disturbing the course of the day … and there is no sunset (only on the Western coast). Except from that, the wedding day was great ūüėČ

Here are some of the images I took of L & F on that special day:



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