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Since early January, Mauritius weather has become pretty humid and we had some really heavy rains. Obviously, the nature surrounding us has changed a lot too. Port-Louis is surrounded with mountains (Le Pouce, Montagne des Signaux …) and in almost all streets one can admire nice views of those mountains. While during most time of the year the mountains are dry and “burned” by the sun (with lots of fire due to the heat), they became green a few weeks ago – I would even say “flashy” green. The views from Port-Louis are now completely different. Have a look at those images:

The rest of the year, it looks more like this … :

Here are some images of Port-Louis taken very recently:

It was amazing to see so many fireworks everywhere in the city. From our roof, here are some images that we could see of that great show !

Since November, this is the mango season in Mauritius. We are lucky to have some mango trees in our courtyard and we are currently enjoying this everyday ! Most European people don’t know that there are about 55 different types of mangos in Mauritius only ! In our courtyard we have 3 different types: the “Maison rouge” (the most common one in Mauritius, famous for her pretty red color), the “Adèle” (also known as “Dauphine”; it stays green/light yellow and has a wonderful taste) and the “Henriette” (my favorite, which becomes yellow when ripe – the taste is so fruitful with a little bit of acidity). To appreciate the mangos, you have to peal the skin off and cut the 2 “cheeks”. A pure delight 🙂

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Depuis Novembre, la saison des mangues bat son plein à l’Ile Maurice. Nous avons la chance d’avoir quelques manguiers dans notre cours et c’est vraiment un bonheur de tous les jours d’aller les cueillir et de les déguster bien fraîches ! La plupart des Européens ne savent pas qu’il y a, rien qu’à Maurice, plus de 55 sortes différentes de mangues ! Dans notre jardin, nous en avons 3 sortes: les “Maisons rouges” (les plus communes de l’ile, connues pour leur belle couleur rouge), les “Adèles” (aussi appelées “Dauphines”; elles restent vertes/jaunes pâles jusqu’à maturité et ont un superbe goût) et les “Henriettes” (mes préférées; elles deviennent jaunes à maturité, leur goût est très fruité avec une petite pointe d’acidité). Pour apprécier les mangues, il faut les éplucher et couper les 2 “joues” qui contiennent la meilleure chair. Un pur délice 🙂

Last Friday I went to a Montessori pre-primary school, La Maison des Enfants in Port-Louis, to make the annual images of the kids. As I went with them for the annual outing to Casela (a kind of zoo in Mauritius), the kids were more natural as they know me and it was easier to take good images (a famous photographer proverb says: “Kids and animals are the 2 most difficult subjects for a photographer”).

So I stayed for some 50 minutes to take group images and then individual portraits. I didn’t want to make too formal shot with the kids posing for me – I wanted them to be in their natural environment at school, doing their usual activities based on the Montessori practices. The result is really nice and I was very happy when putting together the big printed table to present to parents 🙂

The Maiden Cup race is an important cultural moment in Mauritius, horse-riding being one of the favorite sport of Mauritians who are great gamblers. The race takes place every start of September, on a Sunday (while normally racings days are on Saturdays), and gathers thousands of Mauritians at Le Champs de Mars in Port-Louis (around 70,000 each year), the oldest horse-race track of the Southern hemisphere. Every Mauritian families have memories of this race, as it is a good family time for a picnic, admiring the horses or betting on “long shots” (horses with an interesting quote e.g. 16/1).

When the race has started, you can hear the crowd clamor, supporting their favorite horse until the end. The voices of Jug Gokhooi and Robert Deschambeaux, the 2 commentators, are on radios ad national TV, inviting all people to stop what they were doing and watch the race. At Le Champs de Mars, you can bet on horses, have a lunch, play different games, watch several animations … The whole country is either there or in front of their TV set.

This year, the race took place on Sunday 5 September. The weather was very good, le Champs de Mars was crowded, the track excellent. Favorite horses were Senor Versace and Captain’s Knock, the latter won the the Maiden Cup. For the first time, I went to the loges, to be able to get the best images of this special event. The atmosphere was great, electric – I saw the owners of horses at the paddocks, women with beautiful hats and men in perfect suits. I was also in the crowd, vibrating with them, shouting at my favorite horse … A real good experience that I would like to share with you with the following images, part of an important reportage I did for the occasion !


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