Despite it is not “fresh” news anymore since it happened in June 2012, I still wanted to share some images and thoughts here about my first conceptual fashion shoot.

The consultation I launched through a poll here on my blog gave birth to the definition of the selected theme: retro colonial. I discussed it with my wife and with a few friends (namely Julien and Jasbeer), and I finally decided to go for the “behind the scene” shoot of a movie on the colonial period. In every images of this concept, I had to integrate some anachronisms and some cinematographic elements (lights, clap, camera, film director on his chair …), as if it was a real movie. Obviously, I also shot some real “fashion” images and some portraits showing the great job of The House of Haute Couture Lionnet Fauzou, of the hairdresser Steeves Ramiah and the make-up artist Dominique Chan, and the great acting of my models. So this basically was my concept.

After having defined the concept and explained it to the fashion designers, I needed to clarify my thoughts about the “what will shoot exactly, what do I want to show in my images ?” It then became obvious to me that what I will show is the normal life of a normal colonial couple, in their wonderful house (Eureka in Moka). I started to picture in my mind the different scenes of life that I wanted to capture – the couple having a cup of tea inside, the couple reading books in the varangue, the couple walking in their park, the couple having a picnic in their garden, the couple playing badminton together, the couple having fun with arts (drawing, photographing), the couple dancing at twighlight  … It seemed to me that it would constitute a nice series of images, quite different the ones from the others.

So here they are … some of the images taken during this wonderful day:

Back to Marie Antoinette time DSC_8804w signed resized DSC_8851w signed resized DSC_8870w signed resized DSC_8960w signed resized DSC_8992w signed resized DSC_9001w signed resized DSC_9013w signed resized DSC_9038w signed resized DSC_9051w signed resized DSC_9078w signed resized DSC_9093w signed resized DSC_9135w1 signed resized DSC_9151w finale signed resized DSC_9160w signed resized

After disclosing those images, I simply would like to emphasize some facts and figures on the preparation of such a photo shoot. It seems to me that people should know more on all the work that lies behind a photo shoot. And here, I’m only talking for my part, the photographer’s part – hence this doesn’t include the work of the fashion designers, who did a fantastic job on the dress and the male costume.

So for me, this shoot represented:

– 5 full days of preparations – defining the concept and the outfit, finding the right place, the right people and the appropriate accessories (3 days were spent only to do shopping to find the best accessories !)

– more than 100 phone calls

– more than 50 different people, shops, partners … contacted and met

– 4 hours of actual photo shooting

– 3 hours of hairdressing and make-up

– some Rs 22,000 spent out of my pocket (this obviously doesn’t include the cost for the outfit, which has been offered to me due to my honorable mention for the fashion photography contest !)

– more than 18 people present on the photo shoot

As you can see, it looks more like a real movie production than just a photo shoot ! 😉 But all the efforts we put in it were really worthy, we had a wonderful day and so much fun.

In the end, as you can imagine, I would not have been able to do all this without a lot of help. Here is a list of all the people I would like to thank: my wife Diane and my kids Chloé and Simon, for their support, help and patience; my parents-in-law for helping me find a lot of accessories; Anais and Véronique Lionnet, and Fabien Fauzou for having created such wonderful fashion outfits, just like in my dreams; Jasbeer Kootbally for her great ideas and for her beautiful drawings; Ali Ghanti, for being the best photo assistant; Karen Nicolini for having found the 2 perfect models for this shoot; Courtney Horn and Vincent Jolivet, THE 2 perfect models, who acted exactly how I wanted; Steeves Ramiah, the hairdresser, for having crafted an amazing hair cut on Courtney; Dominique Chan, MUA, for the stunning make-up on the models; Jacques De Marroussem, owner of the Eureka House, for having allowed me to have the shoot in his absolutely awesome colonial house; The Mauritius Film Development Corporation, recommended by my friend Gonzalo Fanny, for lending me all the cinema equipment. And I surely miss some other people (sorry in advance for that) …